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Cinnful 69 by Boundary Oak Distilling

Cinnful 69

Boundary Oak Distillery is proud to present its newest product, Cinnful. Cinnful starts out as a 100% cane spirit. We then add the highest quality, natural cinnamon flavor available. At 69 proof, the end result is a cinnamon spirit that is nothing like the competition and is truly a cinnamon lover’s dream.

Lincoln Straight Bourbon by Boundary Oak Distilling

Lincoln Straight Bourbon

Boundary Oak Distillery introduces its newest straight bourbon. This uncut bourbon is connected to the legendary, historic Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States – who is well-known to Central Kentucky and well-respected by the nation and the world! This straight bourbon has been aging to its maturity in charred white oak barrels and is ready to be enjoyed responsibly.

My Old Kentucky Home by Boundary Oak Distilling

My Old Kentucky Home

Limestone Filtered Bourbon

Patton Armored Diesel by Boundary Oak Distilling

Patton Armored Diesel

Spirits have played an immeasurable role in American history and have helped in part to shape the world. Armored Diesel is a part of the American Spirits Collection, an initiative to promote the stories and legacies of American heroes through commemorative spirit collections.

St. Luke Lavender by Boundary Oak Distilling

St. Luke Lavender

Our best Lincoln Bourbon blended with the sweetness, aroma, and flavor of real culinary grade lavender.

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